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We produce great work for people, companies and organisations with heart. We believe that motivation matters and so strive to work with passionate people doing awesome things. Our goal is to promote and enhance inspiring causes, businesses and individuals the best way we can.

Latest work

Midnight Movies 'Save Curzon Soho' movie posters

As part of the 'Save Curzon Soho' campaign, Midnight Movies held a, one off, fund raiser and asked The Space Room to design some posters to be displayed at the event.

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Jatinder Verma MBE of Tara Theatre

Awarded an MBE for ‘Tara Arts and services to diversity in the arts’ in 2017, Jatinder is one of the co-founders of Tara, the UK’s first designated multicultural theatre.

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From the shop

Star sign prints

Whether you believe that Astrology is the cosmic force controlling every aspect of your destiny or a bunch of mumbo jumbo nonsense, at the very least these prints will look good on your wall.

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From the blog

Book Covers: This Science Delusion

The Science Delusion challenges the assumption that the fundamental questions pertaining to the nature of reality have already been answered. Here I attempted to reimagine the cover.

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