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By: Daniel Pomlett on 10.03.16
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Wake Up Europe! are a group of journalists who believe passionately that the European project, despite it’s imperfections, is vital to our future and worth rescuing. Through debates, workshops and screenings of their various films  they hope to “engage fellow Europeans on how to build a new Europe that works for all of it’s citizens”.

They approached us to design and build a website that would allow people to be kept informed about their activities, learn more about their work and host their own events.

The site needed to be clear and easy to use, and allow Wake Up Europe to track attendees both for their own and independently run events. There would need to be facility for users to sign in, create their own events, RSVP to other events, donate and manage their profiles, so for these reasons we decided to use Nationbuilder as the CMS for the build.

The results can be seen at

Logo Design

Wake Up Europe! didn’t have a logo when we began the project so the first step was to design something versatile, that could be used at in a variety of scenarios and which summed up visually the passion and spirit behind the organisation. They had however, been using a trumpet motif for their parent organisation, the Wake Up Foundation and, in order to maintain some consistency across brands, they were keen to incorporate the orange colour from the foundation site as well.  Below are a few designs that were presented but not used…

After some back and forth we ended up with the following final logo…


Web Design

The main requirements for the website were as follows.

  • Explain who Wake Up Europe! are and, the work that they do and their aims and objectives.
  • Allow Wake Up Europe! members to create and manage events, keeping track of RSVPS, ticket allocation and costs etc.
  • Keep users abreast of news stories pertaining to the campaign through a blog section and newsletter sign up options.

For the CMS we used WordPress a platform specifically designed to allow an organisation to build a movement  through a rich set of network building features.

The website is responsive so works across all major browsers and devices.

Technologies used

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Responsive web design
Visit the website

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