Book Covers: The Science Delusion

By: Daniel Pomlett on 14.04.18
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Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author perhaps most well known for his ‘morphic resonance’ concept. Despite being a life long scientist Sheldrake is highly critical of what he sees as the dogmatic thinking surrounding scientific enquiry. In The Science Delusion he challenges the assumption that the fundamental questions pertaining to the nature of reality have already been answered with only the details left to be filled in. He believes that the scientific view of the world has hardened into a belief system and that process has limited the scope of enquiry.

My intention with this book cover reimagining was to highlight the dogmatic thinking within the scientific community. I decided to use the image of a faith healer to symbolise the unquestioning belief and ‘faith’ in the indisputable scientific ‘facts’, with a second figure falling back, enraptured by the teachings.

I used the motif of a molecule in the background to allude to the scientific. I also wanted the cover to have the feel of an old hymn book so I used a more old fashioned font and gave the cover a weathered texture.


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