Book covers: Cloud Atlas

By: Daniel Pomlett on 05.08.15
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This is the third post in my “Books I’ve read this year” series where I attempt to reimagine the front covers of my reading list. These are quick projects, intended to be an exercise in finding ways to distill the content of a book down to a neat visual idea.

Cloud Atlas is obviously pretty well known at this point, particularly after being made into [what I’m reliably informed is] a rubbish movie. It’s a large, ambitious book than spans different ages, genres and characters telling six different stories through the eyes of six different people. The implication is that the characters are the same soul reborn through the ages, with recurring themes and ideas holding the disparate narratives together.

My idea for this cover was to take the cloud image and divide it into six parts representing the six ‘souls’. I wanted to keep the image simple and uncomplicated and attempted to hint at the interconnection of the stories through the different parts making up a bigger image.

The font used is called ‘Aquatico’ and was designed by Andrew Herndon. It is available for free download here.



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