Wolmar for London website build

Christian Wolmar is standing as a Labour candidate in the 2015 London mayoral elections. His team asked us to build their campaign website using the Nationbuilder platform.

About Christian Wolmar

Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport. In the autumn of 2012, he announced he is seeking the Labour candidacy for the 2016 London mayoral election. After years of cycling around London, meeting people, he and his team have developed a series of policies that aim to make the city more affordable, liveable and sustainable.

The website build

The website had three main functions.

  • Inform people about who Christian Wolmar is and what his policies are.
  • Allow people to support the campaign through volunteering, donating and keeping up to date with developments and events.
  • Allow supporters to easily vote for Christian.

For the CMS we used Nationbuilder, a platform specifically designed to build grass roots campaigns through a rich set of network building features.

Nationbuilder Architects logo


As qualified Nationbuilder Architects, we knew how to integrate the supplied designs with the platforms functionality, to produce a site that was both aesthetically pleasing and easily usable.


The website is responsive so works across all major browsers and devices.

Technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • JQuery
  • Responsive web design
  • Liquid
  • Nationbuilder
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